V-Ray is widely known for being one of the top 3D rendering software tools that you can find worldwide. It helps deliver photorealistic, real time rendering along with a large variety of animation rendering. It’s a very powerful tool with vast numbers of features, and it helps integrate state of the art features that you can enjoy while using it. There are multiple V-Ray editions to consider, with Solo being great for freelancers and solo devs. However, if you work as a team, that might not deliver the things you want. Plus, the next package named V-Ray Premium does more than just expanding the number of users, it also has a large number of other features.

What makes V-Ray Premium different?

Right from the start, you see that V-Ray Premium has a floating license of V-Ray that you can use on any computer with supported host applications. It can be great for Cinema 4D, but also Nuke, Houdini, Revit, SketchUp, Maya and 3DS Max, among many others.
Along with these, V-Ray Premium will also give you access to many different Chaos software tools. These include the Chaos Phoenix, Player, Cosmos, Scans and Cloud. They do a very good job at bringing in all of them in a single package, while also making it very easy to choose how much time you need the license for. V-Ray Premium is available as a monthly subscription if you want, an annual subscription or even a 3-year subscription depending on your needs. Pricing will vary, but usually you are saving money the more you are subscribed. Obviously the 3-year option is the most advantageous in regards to pricing, but it’s also the most expensive. Yet if you are using it consistently, then this is where you will be getting your most return on investment, which is something to keep in mind.
V-Ray is designed from the ground up to give you the ultimate visualization suite. And while the regular solo version does that, with V-Ray you have an improved way to access all the features and resources you need. It also helps eliminate downsides while streamlining the process and making it very consistent. The quality you receive here is outstanding, and it brings you the efficiency and quality you will be interested in.

Support is included for both versions, and you also have all the V-Ray integrations. That’s a huge deal, because it streamlines the process, while still maintaining a very good convenience. It’s the reason why we think both solutions can be a really good deal, and it’s up to you to make the right choice. Not only that, but you will see that with help from V-Ray, you can easily enjoy creating some great renderings. Both versions also have access to the Cosmos content library, which can become essential for a lot of different users depending on their expertise and what they are looking for.

Using cloud rendering credits

V-Ray Premium delivers another interesting feature in the form of cloud rendering credits. The Chaos Cloud system is widely sought after by many creators because it’s very reliable and it offers a unique range of tools. Not only that, but having 20 credits is worth it because the price is not that much higher. And you also have access to the other Chaos tools. That helps make the Premium package more appealing to users, while still delivering that sense of consistency and value. We think that with V-Ray Premium, you are indeed getting all the tools that you need without having to rely on any other extras or things that might not fit your requirements properly. With that being said, the quality here is great, and it delivers a unique range of tools to make the process very consistent.


With help from V-Ray Premium you can easily get access to many Chaos tools and features that will improve your rendering process. Is it a challenge to deal with? No, but it certainly takes a little while to narrow down everything and avoid any rush. With that in mind, we think that the V-Ray Premium package is usually the best deal in terms of value. Yet it’s not mandatory, for a solo user that doesn’t need the Chaos Suite, you are better off with the Solo version.

However, if you work as a team and you also want to access extra features that can help improve your process, then V-Ray Premium is the right deal. It has all the benefits you need, along with those extra tools that give you a bit more exciting benefits and ideas. It certainly helps enhance the experience, and in doing so, the value can be extremely impressive. We highly recommend using V-Ray Premium, test it out and you will find it very useful for your workflow!

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