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Photography has evolved at an exponential rate over the years. We used to have 5 MP smartphone cameras a few years ago, and now they have crossed the 100 MP mark. They house up to four cameras and sometimes even more. Competing with a smartphone camera, the DSLR’s or professional camera have also evolved.

If you’re someone with a smartphone or a professional photographer, you require versatile software that can help shape your simple pictures into truly stunning masterpieces. You may want to perform a professional photoshoot or post a picture on your social media. No matter what, a useful photo editing tool can go a long way.

Which Software is Best?

With so many photo editing software available in Indian market, you may wonder which is the best? Which is the most versatile? Which is best for pros and which is for beginners?  We have got you covered.

We, Dolphin Computers, are software resellers in India. Instead of reading hundreds of reviews and trying out the software, we have gone ahead to pick out the best photo editing software for you.

In this post, we’ll dissect the top 5 software in India and explain why they are best for you! Let’s get into it.

Adobe Photoshop CC:

If you’re familiar with photo editing tools or not, you may hear about Adobe Photoshop somewhere. This is because Photoshop is the go-to software for every professional photographer. It’s also a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.

Photoshop CC comes with a learning curve as the interface is difficult to get around, but you can learn the basics with some patience in no time. Beginners tend to stay away because it offers a wide variety of tools. You can also access and edit your Lightroom photos from the start screen.
In addition to photos, you can create and edit illustrations, paintings, and 3D artworks. Key features include retouching, stroke smoothing, new brush features, masking, and HEIF. These features are associated with Photoshop as it does them the best. The new brushes output cleaner and precise brush strokes. Adobe allows you to protect specific areas when you tweak the exposure, temperature, tint, or contrast.

In the end, you can share your work directly from the application. With Adobe Photoshop CC, you can turn the camera captured pictures into beauties.
When purchasing software online make sure to they are a genuine source. We at Dolphin Computers assure you that you get the right product, competitive pricing & as per principal licensing policy . You can avail all of this from us as we are Adobe Gold value added reseller in India with a dedicated sales & technical team.

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Adobe Lightroom CC:

Adobes products are considered as a Gold standard when talking about image editing software. Adobe Lightroom CC is one of the great tools due to why Adobe is famous. Lightroom is a cloud-based image editor and a part of Adobe Software Suite.

  • This is the go-to software for people looking to touch up their photos quickly, and it’s available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Adobe offers a user-friendly interface with Lightroom that anyone can get used to.
  • You can find your image library on the left side, and on the right side, you find drop down menus for quick adjustments.
  • This software is best suited for light editing alone. You don’t need an extra photo organizing program as Lightroom can store and organize your images. Lightroom can’t perform some actions efficiently, such as removing an object or working with multiple layers.
  • You can only edit what you capture. This means you can only tweak the images of existing qualities and features.

You can’t add external properties. Still, Lightroom is easy to work with and has extensive features. We are a trusted Adobe Gold reseller in India, backed by professional team that is eager to answer your queries. Fell free to get in contact with us. When buying from us, be assured to get the genuine software at a competitive price.

Corel Paintshop Pro:

In contrast to Photoshop, Paintshop Pro is far easy to learn by beginners. It’s one of the straightforward photo editing software in the market. It’s loved by beginners and offers versatile features to professionals as well. In a nutshell, you get photoshop features but at a budget-friendly price. Paintshop Pro supports multiple layer editing. You can edit vector images and raster as well. Some missing features are detailed typography, 3D modeling, face liquefy, and automatic subject selection, found in photoshop. Considering the lower price, we can let it slide.

The notorious features include 360-degree photo editing, a good assortment of vector drawing tools, automatic noise removal, and photography workspace. Corel Paintshop Pro is compatible with Windows 10. It doesn’t work on Mac Os. So if you’re a Windows user looking for pocket-friendly photo editing software, then Corel Paintshop Pro is best for you.

With a dedicated sales team paired with technical staff, we at Dolphin Computers offer high quality support along with excellent pricing . You can trust us if you’re looking to buy Corel Paintshop Pro as we are a Platinum Corel reseller in India which is the highest level of partnership.

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Affinity Photo:

Affinity Photo is another direct competitor to Adobe Photoshop. Affinity Photo is a vector graphic design application with a combination of pixel art environments and vectors. In contrast to Photoshop, Affinity has a one-time low payment. This is another budget-friendly photo editing software that packs a punch. It has a lot of similar features to Photoshop.

It does come with a learning curve, but you’ll start creating masterpieces once you get the hang of it. Affinity works on both Windows and Mac. The key features include batch processing, RAW editing, 360-degree photo editing, cloning, healing, retouching, focus stacking, digital painting, and advanced retouching tools. All of this in an affordable package seems like a good deal.

Skylum Luminar 4:

When talking about Photoshop grade editors at an affordable price, we can’t miss out on Luminar 4. You can get it by paying a single flat fee, unlike Adobe’s monthly subscription. Luminar packs hundreds of built-in tools and preset effects neatly organized into categories. This is a must-have tool for photographers on a budget.

Its popularity is growing at a fast speed. You have the power to create your presents by combining the built-in filters, and Luminar has a custom workspace option as well. It is a hybrid of photo editing software and an image organizer. It’s the perfect pick for mid-range photo editing. The key features include an AI editor, dedicated presets, adjustment layers, exclusive filters, and image layers. All of this at a flat price. Get yours now!

Which Photo Editing Software is Right for You?

We recommend Photoshop CC as an overall photo editor. It’s best for professional photographers looking for a wide variety of tools.
Lightroom is best for mediocre photo editors looking to touch up their photos. You can only edit the picture’s qualities.
If you’re a Windows user on a budget, then Corel Paintshop Pro is best for you. It has many features as Photoshop but at a one time lower price.
Affinity photo and Skylum Luminar 4 both have a one-time, flat price. They are much cheaper compared to Photoshop. You can choose any of them if you’re looking for a good budget, friendly photo editor.


We, Dolphin Computers, are a trusted value added software reseller in India. We have a dedicated sales staff waiting to guide you about the right product. Our technical team is eager to answer your questions. You can get in touch with us if any of the above software intrigues you. We are waiting to hear from you soon!

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