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Importance of Choosing a Trusted Software Reseller in India

A Valued-Added Reseller (VAR) offers tremendous advantages over run-of-the-mill software dealers. Providing software products online or offline is one of the many aspects of their service. Their biggest contribution is in helping businesses maximize their benefit from those packages. Here’s how:


Invested In Success

Valued-added software reseller companies in India strive to establish strong relationships with their customers. The services will perfectly match the needs of the clients. Standalone software dealers are highly sales oriented. They have a strong incentive to sell high-margin products to as many customers as they can without considering the actual requirement & use. Customer loyalty is hardly a critical factor for them. When you buy software online in India from a VAR, you get the ultimate advantage as they essentially invest in the success of their clients. Their success is dependent on the success of their customers.


Partnership Certifications from Leading Software Companies

IT consultants have extensive experience and knowledge of the solutions they offer. Software reselling is just one aspect of their business. The best-in-class software resellers have certifications & partnerships from leading software providers. Adobe, Corel, Microsoft, AutoDesk, Pinnacle, Tally, Winzip and many other software providers offer such partnership certifications. Unlike a typical software vendor, VAR provides valuable consulting services to clients.


Genuineness and Compliance

The menace of pirated software is going nowhere. It’s difficult to differentiate between genuine and pirated software even for experts. In India, the legal landscape is complicated and piracy is rampant. The possibility of standalone software dealers peddling pirated software cannot be ignored. The risk doubles when you buy software’s online in India.

So, for complete peace of mind, businesses that buy software online in India must make sure that they are dealing with 100% genuine value added resellers. A value-added software reseller in India like Dolphin Computers guarantees to offer such legitimacy. Secondly, an experienced VAR can help businesses meet licensing and compliance requirements too. This way, the clients do not run into legal complications in the future.



A best-in-class software reseller company brings many advantages to the table. They sell genuine products. They also have the technical expertise to make it easy for the clients to start using those products. They consider technology factors like your hardware infrastructure and networking infrastructure. They will also consider business process workflows, employee expertise, and so on. They will then recommend the ideal software solutions . They also offer technical support for implementing, configuring, and training support. A typical software shop cannot match this level of granular support.

Dolphin Computers is the authorized software reseller company in India for many software and SaaS services.

  • We are among the best software reseller companies in the country.
  • We occupy a leadership position among the software dealers in India.
  • We have a proven track record of delivering advanced IT solutions to enterprises.
  • We are equipped to meet all the software and hardware needs of all kind of businesses.
  • We are also a part of the software reseller program of major software providers.

Business Software Essentials

Dolphin Computers offers a broad range of essential software that meet the needs of most businesses. Our customer base includes businesses of all sizes.


Antivirus Software

Internet-based threats are getting increasingly sophisticated with each day. Viruses, trojans, worms, phishing, ransomware, and so on are fast-growing in number. Precious data is wiped out. Devices are hijacked to execute cyber-attacks using malware.

Protect yourself and your business from advanced threats with anti-virus tools. Get superior online threat detection and resolution capabilities. Buy antivirus software online in India like Quick Heal, Kaspersky, Symantec, and other brands from Dolphin Computers, the most trusted reseller of all kinds of products related to cyber-security. The products recommended are best solutions according to business needs to protect critical data.


Operating Systems

Get 100% genuine operating systems for computers or laptops or servers from one of the best software reseller companies in Delhi. Get a big discount on the software price and enjoy regular updates, security, and peace of mind with genuine software purchases. Dolphin Computers offers all the major OSs for businesses, including Windows , Linux  and more.


Photo Editing & Graphic Design

Edit photos like a pro. Impress your friends , colleagues and family with easy-to-learn and convenient photo editing tools. Hone your skills with advanced, feature-loaded photo editing tools. Buy Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, and other top photo editing tools. They allow beginners and experienced users to add magnificent effects to their photos.

Dolphin Computers is the most trusted website to buy software online in India. We offer hassle-free IT software and hardware solutions that are tailored to the needs of the businesses. Dolphin Computers brings 20+ years of experience to provide reliable IT solutions. Dolphin Computers tops any software reseller list in the entire region. We offer a vast variety of software solutions for businesses. We are also part of the best software reseller programs in the industry. Here are some of the software solutions offered by us:


Server OS

Enterprise servers have specific requirements. For them, the stakes are high. So, performance, stability, scalability, security, third-party app ecosystem, and enterprise features take prominence. Dolphin Computers offers businesses enterprise-grade server operating systems. We not only meet these requirements but also complement the hardware infrastructure. Popular server OSs offered by us include Windows Server 2012, 2016, and more.


Enterprise Design Software

Computer-aided design (CAD) software is the mainstay of the design and manufacturing industry. Mechanical component manufacturers, electrical systems providers, architecture firms, and many more businesses need them. The ideal tools will help transform the visions into beautiful models. Dolphin Computers is the authorized software reseller in India of AutoCADLT, AutoCAD 3D, CorelCAD, and other CAD tools.


Graphic Design Tools

Advertising agencies, marketing collateral suppliers, and even regular businesses need graphic design software. They are essential for creating compelling marketing materials. These can be website banners, PPC banners, brochures, flyers, print ads, and much more. What they need is a feature-rich graphic design software to execute their visions. They can use Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or other graphic design tools. Dolphin Computers is the top destination for entrepreneurs, businesses, individuals, and freelancers looking to purchase software online in India at competent price.


Video Editing Tools

  • Want to produce impressive corporate videos?
  • Want to captivate the audience with desirable product videos?
  • Maybe share some professional-quality explainer videos? Or launch TV commercials?

Producing such professional-quality videos requires outstanding expertise and powerful video editing software. Dolphin Computers equips your video editing specialists with feature-rich, high-performance tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Corel Video Studio, Pinnacle Studio etc.


Office Suites

Modern businesses need advanced tools that allow the workforce to be more productive. You can get MS Office Suites like MS Office 2019, MS Office 2016, MS Office 365 that allow workforce to be efficient and work better as a team. You can also buy these software’s online in India from Dolphin Computers along with office suites from other software vendors. Dolphin Computers supplies all the popular office suites for enterprises and configure them to get the office apps enterprise-ready.


Accounting Software

The business landscape and political environment in India are evolving rapidly. Businesses must be up to date on all the compliance requirements and taxation rules. The choice of accounting software must be GST-ready and should also get swift updates to reflect any changes in the regulatory and compliance environment. Industry-leading software products like Tally, Busy, Marg ERP etc can deliver such high-quality software support. Dolphin Computers also provide the option to buy software online in India like Tally, Busy, Marg ERP etc. & many other solutions.


General Tools

Businesses and their employees need standard sets of tools for everyday tasks. Dolphin Computers is a reseller of software essentials like PDF creator / converter, File Compression Software like Win-Zip and other utilities.

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