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Wacom – The Best Innovative Graphic Tablets

Gone are those days when art enthusiasts had the only option to draw their work on a piece of paper using pencil, pen or brushes. Since the start of digital graphics Artists have the option to do their drawings digitally. The use of graphic tablets can simplify the lives of creative people as they can save, modify & transfer their work form an “analog” workshop to digital space easily. Working with a tablet is more efficient & comfortable than a mouse. It takes a bit of time to get used to draw on these devices, however once you get used to it, it is as natural as a pencil or a pen on paper. These tablets are being used by a lot of professionals like Architects, Engineers, Artist, Cartoonist, Fashion Designers, Jewelry Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Teachers & many more.

Wacom is the world leader in drawing tablets, from expert or professional’s models like Cintiq, Intuos Pro to entry-level or hobbyist products like the one by Wacom. You will be impressed by the pressure sensitivity, creative controls, precision, efficiency, and epic customizations that these tablets will provide to you.

But wait, these are not mere hard surface drawing devices; you can do more. You will find Interactive pen displays with lots of screen size options too that you can match according to your creative interests. These pen display combined with super-responsive Pro Pen 2 will help you to create magic on your digital canvas.

If you are a graphic designing enthusiast, look no further as Dolphin Computers are the premium authorized reseller of these amazingly engineered Wacom tablets in India. We aim to provide you with a great buying experience as Dolphin Computers are among the top spots where you can buy graphic tablets online or offline like the Wacom series.

Easiest Ways to Buy Wacom Graphic Tablets in India

There is no doubt that Wacom has been a leader in graphic tablets space. Their tablets are the epitome of style, technology, and user-friendly interfaces. In light of these features, Wacom tablets have always been the first choice by students and professionals alike.

For beginners, Wacom tablets have always helped aspiring new artists, and their easy functionalities help them learn better. As said earlier, Wacom being the first choice many sellers are offering Wacom tablets for sale, the authenticity of those sellers isn’t guaranteed. We will ask you not to worry as Dolphin Computers is a brand trusted by thousands of people. We will guide you thoroughly on how you can buy Wacom Tablets online or offline in India.

Dolphin Computers aim is to provide genuine products with zero faults at a reasonable price. Dolphin Computers are a Value-Added Reseller & we strive to develop strong customer loyalty.

Talking about the Wacom Interactive Pen Displays, we are offering you the best such as the Wacom Cintiq 16 and Cintiq 22. These pen displays come with a touch screen and high-end graphics. Apart from that, we also have the Wacom Intuos pen tablets that are best for sketching, drawing, or performing any photo editing.

The Wacom Intuos Pro series comes with a much affordable price tag too. You also do not want to miss checking out the Wacom One Digital Drawing Tablet that comes with a bright 13.3” inches screen and a Wacom precision stylus –Ideal for beginners.

When it comes to purchasing these Wacom tablets, we make sure to provide you with the best buy offers. Dolphin Computers is an authorized reseller of Wacom graphic tablets, and we have a good range of the latest and most popular tablets produced by this manufacturer.

Let us tell you the benefits of buying Wacom tablets from Dolphin Computers. First of all, we have a dedicated team for providing the buyers with swift customer support regarding the products. Buyers are free to get any sort of assistance from the team regarding any type of query related to the buying procedure, product specifications, technical issues, or anything.

We at Dolphin Computers will be more than happy to make things right for you. If you face any issue while installing or using the graphic software on your Wacom tablets, then our Dolphin experts will guide you thoroughly until you get it right.

When it comes to the price, Dolphin Computers will provide you with the best deals. To ensure that everyone can afford Wacom graphic tablets, we have introduced our monthly instalment plans to let the customer pay for these tablets in a few months’ easy instalments rather than buying them at once. Now you could be the owner of these latest Wacom drawing tabs. Dolphin Computers aims to empower the digital age of India by taking such cost-friendly measures.

Why Dolphin Computers?

As a Premium Wacom Reseller:

  • We have dedicated team of technical & sales professionals who are trained to provide you with the correct information about the Wacom products you are interested in along with the right pricing.
  • We have direct partnership with Wacom so no need to worry about the genuineness of products & support.
  • We have proved to possess a sound record of delivering the best IT products & solutions to a lot of enterprises.

When you buy Wacom graphic tablets online in India from a trusted reseller like us, you can be assured that you are dealing with the best and most qualified sales professionals.

Wacom – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Wacom Tablet Is Best for Beginners?

    The Wacom One Digital Drawing Tablet is considered the best for art & animation beginners.
  • + Why Should I Buy Wacom Tablets from Wacom Authorized Reseller?

  • + Where can I buy Wacom tablet in India?

  • + Do Wacom pens need batteries?

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