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WinZip – Data Files Compression and Protection at its Best

Data and information files are prerequisites of every business. Even as a student or an individual, one needs their data compresses and protected for long-term preservation. WinZip is one such ZIP tool that enables zipping, splitting, and joining of data files faster than any other alternative. Besides this, you can convert appropriate files to PDFs, resize your pictures, manage your archives, add watermarks, and protect all your files with 128/256 bit encryption. Being the most trusted compression standard, the essential backup tools in WinZip are blended with various other productivity boosting features. When it comes to sharing, sending and receiving a bunch of files is easier than ever. As is getting your hands on this brilliant tool.

You can buy WinZip online in India from Dolphin Computers in a matter of seconds and make your file handling process much more simpler. After compressing and joining your files with WinZip, you will be able to share them anywhere including email, cloud transfer, IM or social media.

Why Dolphin Computers?

As a WinZip seller:

  • We have a dedicated sales and technical team that specializes in WinZip installation and solutions to provide you with the right support
  • We offer WinZip for Windows and WinZip for Mac operating systems along with the support needed to install the same over the respective platforms.
  • Our support team at Dolphin Computers possess the necessary skill sets to work on the latest versions of WinZip.

When you buy WinZip from a trusted seller like us, you can be assured that you are dealing with the best and the most qualified sales professionals.

WinZip – Frequently Asked Questions

  • + Can I buy WinZip software online?

    Yes. You can buy WinZip online in India from Dolphin Computers, which is an authorised seller for both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • + Where will I get my registration code?

  • + Does WinZip work on both Windows and Mac?

  • + How can I view the files in WinZip?

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