Illustrator Alternatives: 5 of the Best

Adobe Illustrator is no doubt one of the most iconic and heavily relied upon graphic design software currently available. This is a software that, since its inception, has constantly seen quite a few users because the editing capabilities it offers are extensive. As...

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Top 5 Video Editing Software Available in India

Video editing software, and videography as a whole, have come quite far over the years. In the early days of video recording, only professionals and high-end studios usually had access to the high-end camera hardware and the software itself, while fairly solid, wasn’t...

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Top 5 Photo Editing Software Available in India

If you're searching to buy photo editing software online in India, then you've arrived at the right place! Photography has evolved at an exponential rate over the years. We used to have 5 MP smartphone cameras a few years ago, and now they have crossed the 100 MP...

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Things to Consider Before Buying Software Online

Adding a new software to your tech stack can get challenging if you do not know what tools to invest in or are important for your business. A well-shaped strategy and good amount of research goes into deciding what software is good and important for your business that...

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Easy Steps to Publish Tally on Cloud with Parallels RAS

Tally as a software provides complete management of accounting and inventory for business of all sizes. This is quite a reason that Tally has been a popular software in the world of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Tally is instrumental for small and medium...

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Best Graphic Design Software of 2020

Print design is the part and parcel of the digital world we now live in. Post-pandemic times have further enhanced the ways in which people interact digitally. Resultantly, scope for professions like graphic designing has been on the rise now more than ever. This is...

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