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Corel India

Corel is a company that focuses on innovation, creativity and bringing the right tools for people with great ideas. The company has been established in 1985 and it’s from Ottawa, Canada. Ever since its inception, they have been focused on graphics designing products, and nowadays they provide a large variety of products to fit the needs of any graphics expert and creative professional. Corel also focuses on illustration and editing, along with typography and other niches. With their help, you have all the tools needed to push your creativity to the next level and enhance it in a professional manner.

Corel Products & Software Range

Corel has a large variety of products that you can find at Corel online stores and resellers. The Corel software range has always been extensive, and it’s only gotten bigger and more comprehensive over the years. It’s a good idea to buy Corel software that you need, and they do have a massive range of solutions.

  • CorelCAD helps you create amazing CAD content and fully customize it according to your requirements. It’s one of the top solutions in the world for architects and professionals.
  • Corel Painter is a stellar tool for digital painters and people that want to improve their painting skills. It features lots of amazing tools, along with state of the art products and systems ready to use by anyone regardless of their experience.
  • Paint Shop Pro is one of the top Corel software products and a best seller for Corel India. The fact that you can easily create and edit images is amazing, and they also offer some of the top editing systems in the world. It’s very easy to use and adapt to your needs, and the quality you get here is exceptional for all users. You can find it on the Corel Store, but it’s also easy to buy from Dolphin Computers.
  • Corel Draw Graphic Suite is also a solid option for those that want to bring their creative ideas to life. It’s a tool that delivers quality, efficiency and ease of use in a great package. The focus is on offering you a large number of solutions for painting and drawing. There’s also a Technical Suite here, which is used for marketing, documentation and technical illustrations.
  • Pinnacle Studio is a top tier video editing software. It offers color grading, cinema quality editing, but also simple editing tools as well.
  • Video Studio is a simpler editing toolkit that can be great for personal channels or maybe for your own use. That being said, it has stellar efficiency and exceptional results.
  • PDF Fusion makes it very simple to help create and edit PDF content. It delivers exceptional way for you to create state of the art PDF files, and you can include lots of multimedia content.

How and why to buy Corel Software Online in India?

Buying Corel software online in India is a great idea because it allows you to access these exceptional tools very quickly. On top of that, Corel is widely known for constantly pushing the limits and conveying a great value for money. Corel India in particular has all the Corel products you want, so you can easily find one that fits your needs. The advantage is that once you find a Corel authorized reseller, you have access to Corel support India and all the tools you need. It becomes much easier to access all the tools you want, including bulk keys for your business or any other additional assistance.
Buying Corel software in India is simple, since you can go to a Corel authorized reseller like Dolphin Computers. From here, you can pick the Corel products available and then access them without a problem. It’s the ideal way to access all the necessary Corel software for your company, all while receiving the best prices on the market and exceptional value.

Why should you buy Corel instead of other brands?

Corel has been in this industry since the 1980s, and it’s widely known for delivering excellent, very dependable software solutions for creatives. On top of that, Corel products receive long term support and security updates, so you are always safe when using these. They are also very reliable, with these apps rarely crashing, and you also get an embedded, very powerful autosave system.
Corel products are meant to be very productive, easy to use, and they also have a solid database and tutorials, in case you need more information or assistance. That helps deliver a great value and experience, while also saving a significant amount of time. Over the years, Corel has also invested a lot of time and money into improving the user interface, something that particularly stands out with the latest versions of their apps!

Why to choose Dolphin Computers for Corel Software?

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to buy any Corel product, Dolphin Computers is here to help. Our focus is to provide customers with excellent, very high quality services that surpass all their expectations. We are a Corel authorized reseller and we can easily acquire all the necessary licenses for you, regardless of how many you want.
Our team also works closely with Corel to ensure that you receive constant support and assistance. When you work with us, you will have direct access to excellent results and a great value for money. We know how difficult it can be to find great products and comprehensive Corel support India. Our team will help you find the best Corel software online and we will offer the assistance and help you need. We know that nothing is impossible when you work with a team that you can rely on, and that’s why we are always here to help.
We deliver great support, high quality services and we have a proven track record of over a decade. We always stay up to date with the latest technologies and we also ensure that we fulfill and surpass the needs of every client. Yes, client satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we also bring you great deals and exceptional prices too. So if you want to do a Corel buy right now, for any product and any amount of licenses, just contact us today!

CorelDraw – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy CorelDraw online?

    Yes. You can buy CorelDraw online from Dolphin Computers, which is a CorelDraw authorised Reseller
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