Adobe Creative Cloud is always updating and it tries to include something new for all users. Thankfully, Adobe has been listening to feedback and it seems that they added some highly-requested features that people were looking for. Here’s the new stuff that you can find in Adobe Creative Cloud right now, and you can see how much it can reshape and enhance the experience.


In Photoshop, Adobe Creative Cloud is adding a lot of interesting, new features. For example, you have Generative Fill, which adds content with just a text prompt. There’s also generative expansion, where you can use AI to fill in remaining content and make it realistic. Now you can also use Adobe Photoshop in the web browser, as a web app. The Remove tool allows you to now remove large objects without having to brush over everything. You just select the item.


For Illustrator, they offer the option to apply a new color palette based on the prompt, which is nice to see. You can also share for review too, and you can receive comments from your team as needed.

Premiere Pro

Within Premiere Pro you have some really interesting updates as well. What they did here is they added text based editing and a 5x timeline performance so you can edit quicker and more efficiently. They also added AI based color correction, along with workflow enhancements and many other features. And there are new templates as well.


The InDesign tool was also updated, this time around they offered the option to hide spreads, but also publish online enhancement with custom analytics. They also offer the possibility to add dynamic characters as filename suffixes, with great results.

Photoshop Lightroom

In the case of this tool, there’s HDR optimization support, with more HDR benefits. You can also make target color adjustments with a lot more precision than usual, and at the same time, other tools like adjusting contrast and tonality in specific areas are also possible. Not only that, but you can remove grainy textures from photos with Denoise, and there are adaptive presets. You can use AI to make edits, with the right guidance.

After Effects

Many people use After Effects these days and the updates that tool got from Adobe Creative Cloud are significant. For example, you have the 3D model import support where you can get OBJ, GLB and other model formats into After Effects with great ease. They also have a new, advanced 3D renderer, along with image based lighting and an enhanced roto brush which helps extract objects from footage with the use of AI.

Adobe Express

Express has been a success for Adobe, and they are implementing some new features to it. Like Photoshop, it now benefits from a generative fill where you can use AI to generate content for the project. There’s also a way to generate images from text descriptions, and you can also add textures or effects to your text using a prompt, if you so desire. They also made it easy to use linked assets, which means you can get content from other Adobe apps like Illustrator or Photoshop and ensure you have the latest version. And yes, there’s a brand kit system where you can retain the brand logo, color and fonts if you want!

Adobe Stock

In the case of Adobe Stock, there are also some very interesting ideas. For example, the Video Templates are prebuilt and very useful. Text to image is a new feature that helps you generate images from your own text. And yes, there’s also a way to expand images to fit the size or the aspect ratio. While these are not major changes, they are quite helpful for anyone using Adobe Stock.

Photoshop on iPad

What’s great to see is that Adobe Creative Cloud didn’t forget about adding some great features for the iPad version of Photoshop. With that in mind, the AI powered remove tool that they added is very useful if you want to clear images. On top of that, you have color picker and swatches, which can be extremely dependable and a great solution to consider. They also implemented Lightroom import, along with generative layers via AI!
It’s great to see that Adobe Creative Cloud is constantly expanding, and the newly added features are very useful. They help define a great way for you to not only harness the power of generative AI in many Adobe tools, but also ensure that you make the most out of them. One thing is certain, it’s a very good idea to check out the new improvements for all these apps, they truly stand out and set the stone for a very efficient result. Make sure that you keep your Adobe Creative Cloud up to date to access all the latest features!

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