The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite tool has quickly become a very popular graphics solution for people of all ages. If you want to create amazing, unique and visually imposing graphics, a tool like CorelDRAW Graphics Suite will help quite a bit. And every new iteration of this graphics suite is bringing in more, exciting and unique features for you to explore. The question is, what can you find new in the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2024 version? Here are some of the new additions worth mentioning!

The Painterly Brush

What’s great about this tool is that it helps combine the pixel based brush tool with vector curves. It adds a lot more ways to optimize the look of your work, while also making it more nuanced. The feature itself has been in the works for quite some time, and it is in very high demand. With that being said, the ability to add brush strokes to text is also quite helpful, and it definitely adds to the entire process and experience.

Remote fonts

Another thing that people have been asking for quite some time is the ability to add remote fonts. Google Fonts and many other remote fonts would be very difficult to add in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. However, the new version allows you to enable remote fonts, and that helps add a lot more value to the process. It’s easier to work with fonts, and the return on investment itself is very impressive. That’s why we think the feature is totally worth considering.

Having a non-destructive effects workflow

It’s nice to see that they also streamlined the non-destructive bitmap effects system. That is a great thing to have, because it speeds things up, while also experimenting with effects. Not everyone will use or need these effects, but having a way to explore and use them as needed does help quite a lot. And it definitely shows there’s a lot of value to be had with something like this.

A variety of new design templates

With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2024, you also have access to a wide range of 300 customizable cloud templates. Working with templates is always handy, because it allows you to save a significant amount of effort and time. The benefit for designers is that they can now experiment and try out things. Keep in mind these are available to trial users and subscribers only. However, they are great for web graphics, infographics, logos, brochures and all kinds of stuff that you would want to work on.
As a graphics professional, having more templates always helps, and it truly adds to the experience. It allows you to prevent any rush, while implementing a much better system. All in all, the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite does provide more value thanks to the new design templates, and it’s totally worth checking them out.

Focus mode

The focus mode is, as the name suggests, a way for you to focus on a specific object or even a group of objects. When you are working with too many objects, it’s really hard to ensure they look exactly the way you want. Sometimes, they do get lost in the background. That’s why we think having a Focus mode is a great idea, and it definitely makes the experience better for users. It’s the best of both worlds for a lot of people, and it certainly conveys exceptional results, which is what you want from something like this.

Enhanced Print Merge

When it comes to this feature, it’s nice tom have the idea to merge the workflow and ensure that you have better control over printing jobs. The interesting thing about this feature is that it allows you to better focus on how you expand the graphics process, how you optimize it, but also the method you can use to enhance printing speed overall.
Aside from that, there are other worthwhile features we should mention. The enhanced assets docker can help you browse file in a more effective way, so you can save time. There’s also the enhanced Export workflow that allows you to output pages and objects. Now, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite also has an enhanced PDF import tool as well, one that we should keep in mind.
Overall, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite did a very good job with the updates for the 2024 version. And aside from these new features, you also have some interesting, additional things to focus on like bugfixes and interface improvements. It’s great to see that CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is always improving, and Corel does listen to the feedback from users. The suite has been missing some of these features and people have been asking for them for quite some time. That’s why having access to them is a huge deal, and it shows that CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a strong contender for all graphics users that want a dependable and reliable toolkit!

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