Finding great video editing software and knowing how to make the most out of its resources is very important. You want to ensure that you get the best video editing solution that will help you create astonishing, unique and interesting videos. But since there are so many of them, it’s hard to narrow down the best option that fits your needs. Here are some of the features that you do want to look out for.

Do they have about a tutorial?

Most video editing software is complex and it can take a little while until you finish the onboarding process. Ideally, you want to be certain that you find a great piece of software that fits your needs, and one that has a very short learning curve. Making sure that it’s all easy to use and you don’t have to worry about downsides is even better and more crucial to take into consideration.

Video formats supported

You always want to have support for as many video formats as possible. If not, maybe support for at least some of the major formats. The same can be said about resolution, 4K is a must have these days, but supporting other resolutions is just as crucial and certainly one of the things you really need to think about as much as possible.

Integrated editing tools

Having as many editing tools and features can help quite a lot. Of course, this is very different for each user, because some people need motion tracking, a camera designer, fast video rendering, some apps even upload to YouTube and so on. There are so many different factors to focus on, and in the end it’s a great idea to give these all a shot for the best possible results.

Is the workflow intuitive

Every editor has their own workflow, so having video editing software that allows you to customize according to your needs is what matters the most. Ideally, you want to ensure that you have a very intuitive workflow and hopefully the app also makes it simple to change stuff according to your needs.


You want to see what kind of capture and importing solution the software offers to its clients. Sometimes there will be support for just a few options, especially if you go with cheap and simple video editing software. That’s why you want to narrow down all the options and ensure you understand what you are getting into.

Do you have any upgrade options?

Every video editing software company will add a multitude of different features overtime. So it makes sense to know if the updates or updates to the new version are free or if you have to pay for them. Generally, new versions are paid, however there are companies that tend to offer a smaller price for upgrades too. It all comes down to making the right choice.

Pricing options

Of course, price is always going to matter when you choose any video editing software. Some of these software tools are extremely expensive, and that can be an extremely challenging situation to deal with. Making sure that you know how to address the situation and managing it accordingly is going to help quite a bit and it will certainly make a huge difference all the time. Plus, sometimes you have different versions of the same software that include all kinds of features. That’s why you have to avoid any rush and narrow down exactly what you need for the best results.

Customer support

There are times when either the app is not working properly, a feature might be missing, or there are errors. It makes sense to ensure that you have some customer support available as that will prevent many issues. You need to understand that even if customer support might not seem a major thing, it does become that when you encounter problems. And that’s exactly the reason why you may want to take that into consideration.

Does it come with a dedicated library?

Some video editing software tools will have their own library with transitions, sounds and anything in between. When you try to work on a video project, you always want to ensure that you have as much stuff as possible that’s ready to go. It’s never easy to find the content you want to add, so going for premade, free content added to the app can help quite a bit.


We are firm believers that good video editing software doesn’t have to be expensive, nor hard to use. If you start using these tips, you won’t have a problem narrowing down the best video editing software to fit your needs. Make sure that you assess your needs and then test out a free trial for each software you are interested in. That, combined with these tips will give you a good idea of what you can expect and which option fits your requirements!

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