The increase in ransomware attacks has always been frightening, because a lot of companies are worried about potential data loss. Ransomware attacks have risen by 13% in the last 5 years, and they have become commonplace especially in the business world. The average ransom in 2023 for business users is $1.54 million, showing that ransomware is a huge issue and it can lead to major financial losses.
Many ransomware creators pry on the idea that business data being locked will cost more than the ransom they ask for. And while some companies refuse to deal with or pay ransomware demands, some of them do just to keep things going and avoid downtime. That’s because any business downtime might end up costing them more than normal, and that alone is going to be a problem.


Why are ransomware attacks more common these days?


The rise of remote work

That’s a crucial thing, because more and more people work from home. Businesses have less ways to protect their systems, due to remote workers. Plus, those that work from somewhere else don’t have a supervisor to let them know what things to click on and what to avoid. That makes it easier for ransomware attackers to send files and infect unknowing people.

A lack of security

Despite the fact that many companies are dealing with ransomware, there are still tons of businesses that misunderstand how crucial it is to focus on cyber security and protection. Not protecting your data can lead to major business issues, and that’s certainly one of the things you need to avoid. Instead of just leaving things the way they are, you need to create a security plan and safeguard your business. Otherwise, you will end up with data loss.

Little training

If the employees don’t have enough training, that can also lead to all kinds of attacks. You do want to invest in the best training system, and once you do that your team will have much better results. But if they don’t have adequate training, that will certainly hamper their ability to deliver a great job. And when that happens, it’s definitely going to be an issue.

A very loose legal system

There’s no specific way to punish ransomware or cyber attacks from a legal standpoint. Some countries have a better system when compared to others, but there’s still a lot of lee-way, and that alone is going to be an issue.


What can you do in order to protect your business from ransomware?

In case you don’t want to deal with ransomware and the chaos that ensues from that, it’s crucial to start protecting your business accordingly. The great thing about that is that you can start taking action by updating all your software and your operating system. Updates include ways to protect yourself from various bugs, but also have security updates that make ransomware less prevalent or prone to damaging your business in any way.
Entering your team in a cyber security training program also helps. You want them to be fully trained and understand what they need to do in order to deal with ransomware efficiently. That alone is a crucial aspect and it will allow you to better focus on results, while saving plenty of time and effort.

Moreover, you also want to check the global advisories and guidelines. Those include great tips and ideas on how to stay away from any possible ransomware problems, while still integrating suitable ways for you to stop these attacks before they become way too damaging for your business and company as a whole.

Aside from that, you want to have backups for all the data, and preferably backups that no one will be able to access. Installing anti-malware and antivirus software also helps, because it will protect you against many of the potential issues that might arise. Reviewing port settings to prevent unauthorized access also comes in handy. All of these little things might not seem like much, but they give you the benefits and outstanding results you always wanted, while also saving time and delivering an excellent experience. Also, try to create policies and plans that focus on cyber security!


Ransomware can be a huge issue for many businesses, and it can also lead to major financial losses. Thankfully, it’s also something that you can avoid. With the right training and cyber security measures, you will find it much easier to avoid any of these possible attacks. Once you establish all these tips and ideas, you will not have to worry about any challenges, while also saving both time and money. We highly recommend using these ideas, especially if you want to avoid any of the ransomware problems that can arise if you’re unprotected from cyber attacks!


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