Remote work has a huge popularity increase these days. On top of that, you also have situations when you want to access the work computer from home, just in case you need to make changes. With help from remote desktop software you can do all of that and so much more. Here you have a list with some of the best software and apps you can use for remote desktop systems.


Connectwise is a very efficient, empowering and dependable remote desktop tool. It can also help with marketing and sales, monitoring, scripting and even patch automation. While it’s more targeted towards business users, it does offer a great way to communicate with a team and work remotely without feeling any detriments when it comes to productivity. All you need is to take that into consideration, and you will be impressed with its benefits, quality and attention to detail.

Parallels Access

It offers a simple, comprehensive dashboard and interface. It’s designed as a seamless tool that’s not only simple, but reliable and you do get to work on Macs from Windows too. The ability to receive constant support is also great, since they will solve any potential issues that you are facing at this time. On top of that, setting up Parallels Access is very easy, they offer a great set of guidelines for that. All these simple things matter and show the true value and quality you can get from something like this.


TeamViewer is a very popular remote control software that helps with remote access to other locations in no time. TeamViewer offers a fast, efficient way to get the job done and access other tools. The connectivity is secured, which is always a plus. It’s definitely worth considering if you want a proper, reliable and exciting tool you can use all the time.

TeamViewer is designed to be general, but also comprehensive whenever you need it. You can even use it from a browser. TeamViewer is versatile, and it can be great especially for customer support or any other situations. The remote system is impeccable, and it adds character and value, while also offering nifty services that can be adjusted according to your guidelines.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a professional, cloud based remote access software. It’s designed to be cloud based, so you can fully manage everything at your own pace. It’s extremely efficient and dependable, and the fact that you have so many different uses is what truly makes it stand out. It’s also a part of the major Zoho toolkit, but you can also use it as a standalone tool.
The main role of Zoho Assist is to make remote work easier and more convenient. It can help companies of any size, while also offering detailed, 24/7 customer support. The cloud based system adds to its reliability and quality, and you also have great features like file transfers, unattended remote access and so on.

Any Desk

Any Desk is widely known for being a fast, efficient and very powerful remote desktop software. What it does is it helps you overcome any distance and connect without compromises. The quality you get here is impressive and you will specifically appreciate the ease of use and attention to detail. It comes with military grade TLS 1.2 security and AES encryption.
The interface for Any Desk is great, since it has exactly all the features you need in a single package. Being able to obtain a good result for your money is what matters, and in doing so you also boost your productivity along the way.

Final Conclusion

Using desktop software solutions is a great way to not only work from a remote location, but also ensure that you save time and energy. Remote tools are very efficient, you can use them from anywhere and you can become less dependent on location while working. These tools work for any industry, so you will find them accessible and empowering, but also customizable. That’s why it makes sense to test them out in various work environments and then see where they suit your needs the most.

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