There’s no doubting the fact that it’s essential for any effective business operating nowadays to have proper collaboration software through which its employees can easily and seamlessly collaborate and interact with one another even remotely and, in the past year especially, we’ve come to learn just how critical a software like this can be for a business. In a time where most offices were shutting down, the only businesses that were able to thrive were those that had effective collaboration tools at their disposal. Although there are lots of effective software of this sort available now, one of the absolute best solutions available is Microsoft Teams and this is exactly what we’re here to cover and shed some light on why it’s one of the best, if not the best, collaboration software for businesses at the moment.

First and foremost, perhaps one of the biggest highlights of Microsoft Teams is the fact that it allows for seamless and easy communication at all times. Traditionally, communication for a lot of workspace related issues is done via emails which can be time consuming and tedious but Teams simplifies this with straightforward chat that allows collaborators to easily communicate back and forth on both small subjects and in-depth ones.

Alongside simply chat-based communication, Microsoft Teams also offers seamless group video calling. There are often needs for quick and spontaneous meetings within a workspace and setting these up on other platforms can absolutely be a hassle but this particular software streamlines the whole process and allows all parties to be up and running on a group video call almost immediately in order to collaborate, discuss ideas, or do anything else that’s on the agenda.

Microsoft Teams also comes built in with an exceptional planner app that does an excellent job of allowing businesses and users to schedule and execute plans. What’s great about this particular application is the fact that it integrates extremely well with Microsoft’s other offerings such as OneNote so it provides a truly seamless user experience in which not much input and effort is necessary in order to create and execute intricate plans within a workspace and this, in turn, can end up saving a great deal of time for everyone who’s involved in the process.

Perhaps the most significant strength of Microsoft Teams comes from the fact that it allows its users to easily collaborate, share, and edit files in real time within the various tools that Microsoft has to offer be it Word, Excel, or even PowerPoint. Instead of creating drafts and sending them back and forth, team members are able to simultaneously create and edit them together and this is something that can boost productivity by tremendous amount and cut down on the time that’s usually spent simply moving files back and forth between people.

Alongside everything else, one of the most underrated functionalities of Microsoft Teams is the Activity Feed. Think of the Activity Feed as your personal assistant which consists of everything that you’ll need to know to have a productive start to your day. Whatever your plans and schedules are, whenever your meetings are, whatever tasks you have assigned, and everything else of the sort, the Activity Feed lines it all up in a seamless fashion so you can easily absorb all this information in a quick glance.

Overall, there’s no doubting the fact that Microsoft Teams is easily one of the best collaboration software for businesses currently available and can heavily benefit any business that chooses to utilize it. If you choose to take this leap, we at Dolphin Computers will be happy to help you out in not only acquiring and setting it up and, on top of this, we’ll also provide dedicated customer support to assist you at any time should you run into technical hindrances.

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