The idea of using remote software is always handy. After all, we can ask a friend to assist us with something when we don’t know what to do and how to solve an issue. Or maybe we talk with a professional support expert that will identify and revise any problems. Plus, remote desktop software can allow us to use our devices from miles away, if we so desire. That’s why we think remote desktop solutions can be great, and they certainly have a lot of uses. But that makes us wonder, what software should we use?

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is widely regarded as one of the top remote software solutions. It’s widely known for the fact that it has a free version, and you can easily use that for personal use when necessary. As a whole, it’s very stable, and it allows you to connect from anywhere, as long as you have a PC. If you have a business, you can offer customers assistance and support via remote solutions, and it will surely deliver an excellent quality in the long run.
Also, the connections are encrypted and secure, so no one can access that aside from yourself. It’s nice to see that Team Viewer always improves their services, and the servers are stable. That means there’s not a whole lot of delay, which is always nice. The server results are quite impressive, and people appreciate the unique advantage delivered here. To make it even better, the focus is on enhancing the outcome, and making sure that you don’t have major boundaries that make the connection harder.
People are using Team Viewer for a variety of things. Some use it for offering customers support in the case of businesses. You can also optimize the warehouse operations and the support can be instant, if you so desire. It can even help with logistics, which is always a good thing to have. In the end, the potential is amazing, and you will find everything to work much better than expected. It’s totally something to keep in mind, if you need efficient and secure remote desktop software.

GoTo Resolve

In case you want another option, GoTo Resolve can be a good one to have. It’s a cloud based remote support system. It’s mostly suitable for small businesses, so it’s not exactly a tool for personal use. That makes it less efficient for regular users. However, as a business, you have things like proactive monitoring, setting up alerts, reviewing activity and so on.
It certainly seems geared towards customer support experts and it certainly delivers on its promise. You get to see the amazing value and quality, and the attention to detail is among some of the best on the market. To make things even better, they also have automation systems and you can troubleshoot behind the scenes. Having that approach with background access is certainly a nice option. You don’t have to disturb clients, yet you can still ensure that they have access to the best services and quality.


AnyDesk is a great remote desktop application. It can be used by customer support experts, but also by regular people. The free version is indeed limited, but it gets the job done if you want some remote assistance and help. With that in mind, it can always improve, although you have access to the business version if necessary. You can access a comprehensive dashboard, you can also adapt and adjust everything you need, at any time. They brought support for all platforms, and the fact that there’s access and control, along with improvements in security is what matters the most.
AnyDesk also has collaboration features, something that you will appreciate quite a lot. The customization process brings a very good way for you to implement ideas and push them to the next level. It’s definitely more focused on businesses, but it’s great to use, and the fact that it has so many ways to change the interface and adapt it to your needs does set it apart more than you might expect. Every feature is also really easy to access from the interface, which is a very good thing to have.


Overall, every remote desktop software has its pros and cons. However, all these apps are known for their great history, focus on quality and value. It’s nice to see that they can provide remote assistance when necessary. And you can also test most of them beforehand to see if they fit your needs. That’s why we think these apps are some of the top tier options to consider, and we highly recommend giving them a try, especially if you want to offer or receive assistance remotely. They are well worth your time and effort, not to mention they aren’t very expensive!

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