In the modern era, having a reliable cloud backup solution has become integral for the success of almost any business regardless of its size. For small businesses in particular, cloud backups can provide a vast array of different benefits that can not only aid in their day-to-day operations but also assist in disaster recovery and a variety of other undesirable scenarios that would otherwise hinder the functionality of a business entirely for quite some time.

Our goal in this particular blog-post is to shed some light on some of the best online cloud backup solutions that are available and can effectively be utilized by small businesses. Any business that already doesn’t rely on a solution of this sort is certainly advised to do so as cloud solutions offer a seemingly endless array of benefits that simply should not be passed up on, especially in this day and age.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the solutions themselves as well as their specifics.

1. Acronis

Acronis is perhaps one of the most reliable names in the cloud backup solution space as it provides services that are flexible and can meet the needs of almost any type of business out there, regardless of what their niche is. This is an incredibly versatile backup solution that can significantly improve the infrastructure of a small business and perhaps its biggest highlight is the fact that it supports almost every single type of backup one could think of ranging from NAS devices all the way to phones and tablets.

Other than this, Acronis also allows users to easily schedule backups which are taken locally and automatically replicated onto the cloud thereby leading to a seamless backup process that isn’t time consuming in any way. This service also allows for unlimited versioning so, no matter how old your backups get, you should always be able to access them.

Some other highlights of Acronis include:

  • Efficient utilization of computing and networking resources.
  • Easy backup status monitoring via push notifications.
  • 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that backups remain protected and secure.

2. Dropbox Business

Dropbox is easily one of the most renowned names in the cloud backup space as they’re perhaps one of the pioneers in this area and have been around for quite some time which is why this is a name that many businesses will be comfortable with.

In terms of features and functionality, users can expect every single thing that a high-end online cloud backup solution would bring to the table while using Dropbox. Whether it’s backing up files, syncing devices with one another, or seamlessly sharing files between different points, Dropbox Business has it all and then some.

Some of the other features of this particular solution include:

  • Strictly business focused so it’s sure to cater to the needs of any business.
  • An extremely reliable and useful remote wipe feature.
  • A wide array of collaboration tools.

3. Blackblaze Business

Blackblaze for Businesses is yet another name that anyone in the online cloud storage space will recognize immediately as this is perhaps one of the most easily accessible solutions of its sort currently available and is suited for both novice and expert users alike.

This particular solution is focused for businesses who want a straightforward and easy to utilize cloud backup solution that they can rely on for day-to-day backups and operations. It might not be as feature rich as some of the other similar solutions available but it certainly gets the job done and includes useful features such as the following:

  • Solid and reliable encryption.
  • Flexible pricing.
  • Scheduled and continuous backups.

4. Carbonite Safe

Carbonite Safe is an exceptional backup solution that’s been designed exactly with small businesses in mind and, therefore, does an excellent job of offering reliable cloud backup solutions that will perfectly meet the needs of any small sized business out there.

This particular solution is easy to utilize, filled to the brim with useful features, and features a straightforward setup thereby allowing it to be easily installed and deployed whenever needed. There’s support for a wide array of platforms ranging from Windows to MySQL and an array of other features such as:

  • Easy file recovery in case of ransomware attacks.
  • Backup status can be monitored online at any time.
  • Advanced encryption to keep backups secure.

5. CrashPlan

CrashPlan is certainly one of the more unique solutions on this list and one of the key reasons for this is the fact that it caters pretty much exclusively to small businesses in need of cloud storage and backup solutions. Alongside this, it’s also quite feature-rich and delivers a reliable and effective user experience that any small sized business would be pleased with.

Alongside having unlimited versioning, internal and external drive backup, and even throttling controls, CrashPlan has a host of other bonuses as well such as:

  • Easy to use and setup.
  • AES 256-bit encryption and 2FA support.
  • Dedicated support.

All things considered, each of the aforementioned cloud backup solutions are no doubt going to be worth the while of any small business who chooses to give them a shot. If you’re on the lookout for a similar solution for your own business, we at Dolphin Computers will gladly help out in finding the solution that perfect suits your needs and requirements and we’ll also provide other services such as dedicated support, setup assistance, and other benefits that are sure to be worth your while.

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