The change of era is marked by a brand new emerging workforce that is comfortable with working remotely. These are also called mobile workforce who work for organizations that like to address new realities and practice uniform productivity across all kinds of spaces and time.

Providing secure data and content to geographically dispersed workforce is what VDI solutions aspires to achieve

VDI solutions help in making files and data accessible from any device, at any place and any time. This is all done with the help of VDI that is robust and hosts desktops in a centralized server.

VDI solutions can really amp up the business models and improvise IT operations as well as user satisfaction across all arrays of business.

There are many reasons to employ VDI and below are some major ones that can really optimize the way you work.

Work, any time, anywhere

Installation and maintenance of isolated desktops is now a redundant way to go about business. All kinds of businesses are done right when we integrate all kinds of users, devices and applications. And VDI proves to be an agile way to achieve this as it helps many users access the same hardware features, data or content. From classrooms, to labs, to kiosks, users can share a lot.

Accelerated workloads

VDI comes as a boon for users that require high computing-end-points which are also known to cost a lot. Massive resources can easily be shared through VDI, thanks to the powerful tools it comes with. Improved output can now be sent to any user placed on the network.

Economically Feasible

VDI solutions allow organisations to employ data reduction strategies wherein they can make use of compression, de-duplication, virtual desktop options to lower the cost while increasing the performance. Organisations can also control their cloud environments through provisioning and de-provisioning of resources.

Compatibility and Delivery

No more being limited to the exuberant 64-bit technologies.VDI solutions help execute the apps at 32-bit as well as 64-bit instances. Supporting older applications known to run on 32-bit OS is no more a worry for IT administrators.

Test and Deploy

Provisioning resources in order to deploy new applications is no more a trouble. VDI’s “live” environments help you test and deploy newer applications as they are efficiently provisioned. Spin down the VDI instance once you are done and let the new update or application roll out.

Promotes BYOD or Bring Your Own Device

Infrastructure-based computing to remote-working, there is an increased demand for mobility and distance working in the new work environment. End-devices can be controlled from a centralized data center when organisations deploy a VDI which is big on security.

Restrict access and reduce risks

Through a private cloud VDI platform you can provide restricted access to the many contractors who work within your organisation. Provisioning and de-provisioning desktop resources by IT administrators lets you onboard or off-board external employees so that they have limited access to your infrastructure.

Mobile and Agile Business

Best virtualization software encourages integration of new devices, applications, and users that initiates fast response from the developer’s side, allowing users to access rich virtualization environment.

Centralized Management

Shifting of control from end-users to IT administrators is how VDI centralises the management of a virtualized environment. Isolated sessions, geo-fencing the users, creation of VDI ecosystem is easily achieved through VDI.

There are quite a few VDI solutions available online but it is important to look at your needs and requirements before you buy software online in India.

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is considered to be one of the best virtualization software as VDI workloads can be quickly provisioned. Beside that, Parallels offers immensely enhanced security and other managerial features at much lower costs.

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