Adding a new software to your tech stack can get challenging if you do not know what tools to invest in or are important for your business. A well-shaped strategy and good amount of research goes into deciding what software is good and important for your
business that can fit in your budget too.

Let us first delve into how to decide what software is best for your business. In this blog we will find out what all things need to be under consideration before you buy software online in India.

Consider the price and features.

Going for an expensive software loaded with features may not promise success and productivity. One has to figure out what features of a software of actual use to the business. Consult good and genuine Software resellers in India, to know what features align with your business. To maximize productivity, one has to make a decision based on price and “must-have” features of a software that support your business. It is important to regard that the price of the software does not always correlate with
its value.

Ensure the software addresses problems unique to your business.

Users often meddle with many common problems if they are buying a customized software or getting a software developed/configured specifically for themselves. They should put conscious effort to research whether or not the company fixes the bugs that are exclusive to their business. One way of doing it is to know the bugs fixing procedure & support system of the software company. If you plan to buy software from a Software Reseller in India, get in touch with them and they will explain the whole process to you, in a detailed manner. 

Another great way to investigate is to go through the company’s customer satisfaction page available online. You can review the feedback and issues shared by the customers and see which of them are most close to the problem your business will be potentially facing.

Be mindful about the frequency of updates.

Keep an eye on the new updates the software company is pushing out. You may also consult genuine software resellers in India like Dolphin Computers, as they keep their customers updated about the newest updates, offers, packages and much more. You may ask the software vendors to maintain a product status page whereby your last communication regarding product issues and updates are reviewed.

Look into the support being offered along with the software.

As important as it is, support plays a huge role in determining whether your business sinks or stays afloat. If the software is too complex or dependency on software is like that it might hit the productivity  you will need to reach out to the company’s support team for any issues that may arise. That said, bear in mind the support time frames in case you choose to buy software from software resellers in India.

Finally, reach out to a trusted reseller, if in doubt

When it comes to buying a software, it can be a subscription as well as a perpetual  model. Subscription model mostly renews on a yearly  basis. While Perpetual License model is more like a one-time fee, post which a yearly maintenance  can be charged as a cost of support and upgrades.

A software reseller can really comprehensively take you around the whole process of getting a software in accordance with company licensing terms . They can also recommend, based on your needs and work nature what type of package will be ideal for you . As software delivery mode can be Electronic or Retail pack & both have unique benefits for the customers along with minimum buying criteria. Some licenses are transferable from one system to the other while some are not. You can get in touch with genuine software resellers to get an insight into the End User License Agreement [EULA].

All said and done, make sure that you buy the licenses as per licensing company End User License Agreement [EULA] . By keeping all these tips in mind the next time you buy software online or offline ,it can help your business evade some serious compliance issues.

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