Print design is the part and parcel of the digital world we now live in. Post-pandemic times have further enhanced the ways in which people interact digitally. Resultantly, scope for professions like graphic designing has been on the rise now more than ever. This is because of the increased emphasis on digital media for brands to interact with their customers and stay in touch with them. Meanwhile some graphic designers might swing high up on this digital wave, some of them might get brushed out in the competition.

It is therefore, most important that as a graphic designer you are adept with the latest tools and aware of the latest technology, to come up with optimized designs meant to impress customers as well as brands. That said, let’s quickly get into exploring what are some of the best graphic designing software of 2020.

1. Adobe Illustrator CC

If you’ve heard of photoshop, you may be aware of the vector-version of it too. Yes, Adobe illustrator CC is a sister software to photoshop that shares common tools and features for artists who love both.

However, what illustrator CC does better is that it rescales a postage stamp size graphic into a huge poster size one.

It is available in both Windows and Mac version, is very powerful and has a consistent UI with Photoshop.
The only downside is it’s cost that is very unforgiving for users who use it once in a while. However, you can always afford these if you buy them from trusted software resellers in India, like Dolphin Computers.

2. Inkscape

If you are looking for extensive text manipulation, Bezier as well as Spiro curve type and broad file support, you better be looking up to Inkscape that is a vector based design tool with all of these awesome features.

However, it can get a bit disappointing whilst undergoing a complicated process, even if it is done on a powerful PC.

Its availability on Windows, Linux as well as Mac for free, make it a total win-win situation for designers who want to start small.

3. CorelDraw Graphics suite 2020

Now this is a monster when it comes to ‘breaking down the creative barriers’, as it lives up to this bit mentioned on its website. If you are looking to connect with your creative side as a beginner or want to perform excellent illustration or layout as a professional graphic designer, you must be all up in choosing CorelDraw graphic suite 2020 for its fantastic and powerful set of tools that allow you to create illustrations, layout, and more.

You can also access your work remotely with CorelDraw 2020 and still deliver excellent results in no time. It is rich in features and extremely productive and this makes it a veteran range of software that allows a lot to happen.

You can produce exceptional logos, posters, illustrations, and more at Windows PC or Mac as it works well on both.
The only limitation is its pricing but as mentioned earlier, you can always look up to an authorized software reseller in India .

These were some of the best on the list of graphic design software of 2020. You can buy them from a trusted and authorized software reseller in India to kick-start your graphic designing journey as a beginner or enhance your creativity as a professional.

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