There are many situations when you need to share links with others, but the platforms you are using aren’t really allowing long links. That’s when it can be a very good idea to start using an URL shortener. The advantage that comes from such a service is that not only do you have a more professional looking link, but you can actually use the sharing system of that service. There are also all kinds of other benefits when you use an URL shortener, as you can imagine.

Sticking with the guidelines and requirements of social platforms

As we mentioned earlier, social platforms tend to be very restrictive when it comes to how many characters they allow. Which is why you can’t really share long links without shortening the sharing message. You can use a URL shortener here, it will free up space. This is very handy especially for a platform like Twitter. It’s totally worth it and the benefits are indeed second to none. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to check it out, and the outcome will impress everyone in the long run.

Tracking the overall performance

Another thing that the URL shortener does right is it allows you to track the performance of a link. You may not think twice about a link, but the truth is that sometimes performance tracking can be really hard to do. With URL shortener, you can easily track how well the link does, how many people click on it, etc. All that information can be vital especially during a marketing campaign.

A sign of professionalism

With help from an URL shortener you get to show the true professional part of your business. It’s a lot easier to not only show your customers the quality you bring, but also the fact that you avoid sending long and tedious links. It’s a clever idea and one of those things that work incredibly well all the time.

A higher click through rate

Many times people will trust URL shortener links because they appear a lot more valid and reliable. That alone really goes to show the value and quality you bring, while also encouraging clicks. It’s a great way to encourage people to click and try out new stuff, which in the end becomes a major advantage.

More traffic for your website

You can also use these smarter, easier to use links as a way to drive traffic for your website. You always want to have a professional link that removes doubt from your customers. It’s definitely tricky to achieve amazing results, but if you do it right the potential can indeed be more than impressive all the time. That’s why it’s totally worth it to give it a shot, and in the end you will find yourself very happy with the way things go and how it all falls into place.

It’s more convenient

Is it easier to share a long link or a shorter one? Needless to say, shorter links always win, and that’s why you have to stick to this kind of links all the time if possible. It just makes a lot of sense to stick with simpler stuff if possible, as that’s what will give you the utmost benefits and results in the long run!

What URL shortener should you use?

Bitly –

Bitly is renowned for offering great shortening services. It’s actually one of the top solutions for shortening links, and it actually helps you create branded links too. That’s why you want to use this service, because it’s super professional and it has the potential to really deliver an incredible experience.

Tiny URL –

The Tiny URL service has been around for a while and while the design won’t blow you away, the quality is great. They push the boundaries to deliver a very creative and enjoyable experience for the user, while keeping things simple and convenient. And that’s exactly why the service has so many users.

Rebrandly –

The same thing can be said about Rebrandly, it’s a great service which allows you to create great URLs, and you can also track their performance. That alone helps more than you might expect, while still conveying lots of information.

Final Conclusion

Using an URL shortener is one of the top ways to showcase a more professional link to your customers. It’s also great for marketing too, not to mention everything can be tracked and you can learn from the overall performance of that link. It’s a great idea to use an URL shortener, so Dolphin Computers will recommend you to give it a try right now!

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