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Solution Security

Our network security services provide customized web, email and network security solutions at your budget. We provide network configuration installation service combined with antivirus and firewall security to protect your Business from any serious financial damage.

Dolphin Computers have collaborated with several vendors to provide cost-effective and efficient anti-spam filters to detect blocked spam and remove spyware. They guard the desktop and servers from theft and virus attack.

With the emergence of many E-commerce sites, internet has become a vast platform to promote your business. Business operations need to be updated with latest in technology to protect and secure your email, chats and other digital information for doing online trade.

Main security objectives of organization:-

>> Ensure integrity & availability
>> Secure highly confidential data
>> Conformity to applicable laws & standard
>> Protection from virus & malware
>> Protect credit card no & personal data

Dolphin Computers security consultant & solution provider understands the importance of protection and safety of clients and their businesses. With the help of our expert team of professionals our clients plan and design a network security requirement which proactively work towards tackling threats.

We primarily focus on:


We provide solutions which assure full functionality of your system with uninterrupted accessibility.


We devise solutions according to suit our diverse customer requirements with limitless approach.


All are solutions are cost effective and lead to high productivity and performance.

Our security service covers:
  • Penetration Testing
  • Network Testing
  • Server Testing
  • Application Review
  • Embedded Devices

Contact us now, for a complete package to secure your IT Network.