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Remote access is an easy way to access your private corporate network settings, with high degree of security. Our services help you access information ‘at work’ quickly and conveniently without compromising on security.

Remote Working

Dolphin Computers fully understands your IT environment and delivers top rate Support for current as well as future initiatives. Our team consists of highly qualified engineers who are up to date with latest in technology and have experience to work with various hardware and software Applications. We provide a variety of solutions like:

>>Dialup Remote access Service (RAS)

>>Remote control

>>Virtual private Network

Dialup Remote Access Service (RAS)

It enables you to connect to the email server using a normal phone line. It is an inexpensive set up as it only requires modem attached to the server and remote PC.


Remote control

This is an integrated service over RAS; you can install remote control Software both in the office and remote PC. It usually serves lesser people and the PC should remain ON all the time so that the remote user can access it.

Virtual Private Network

The virtual private network permits secure, encrypted connections between the remote user and the company’s private network.

VPN can accommodate many users from various locations, the scalability is an added advantage that VPN has over the typical leased lines and the cost does not increase irrespective of the distance where the remote user is situated. It allows the user to access information, email etc keeping the privacy and security intact despite the no. Of user connected to the network.

>> Enhanced proficiency & security
>> Provides global connectivity
>> Low operational cost
>> Reduce time parameters for remote users

If you require for an engineer for remote installation additional costs will be applicable.