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Dolphin Computers is an IT consultancy offering Software, Hardware and Networking Solutions and Installation in Delhi/ NCR region. We provide unmatched technology and performance which allows flexibility to meet your precise Business requirement

Network Installation Services

Our mission is to provide easy end to end solutions that can function in a highly competitive environment, simultaneously reducing the cost and risk to your business. We aim to provide support for your Network from start to finish, so that you can experience full Network Control. We work towards making your business more effective and productive without costing you a fortune.

Why Dolphin Computers?

Our team of expert professionals configures all your Network related problem and provides you with services that minimize Network disruption and quickly accelerate your business performance.


Services that we offer:

>>Briefing on access & future requirement
>>Free detailed proposal & quotation
>>Network design, installation & implementation
>>Install Network infrastructure & firewall
>>Data cabling Service


>>Increased Productivity

Smooth, well planned Network increases productivity through high speed internet connection

>>Cost Effective

Per user cost of central resources are reduced through sharing Network usage

>>Data Protection

Well planned Network assures security & Backup of important data