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If you are planning a Computer Upgrade of your system you can call us. We not only help you with choosing the right Computer Upgrade, but we can also train your staff on how to use the products efficiently.

Hardware Upgrades

Does your Computer slow down or hangs while simultaneous processes are running? These are clear indications showing that your Computer needs a Hardware or Software Upgrade. Dolphin Computers not only provide Services like hardware or software Upgrade but also trains your staff to effectively use these updated software and equipments.

We offer this Service for both businesses and homes give us a call to discuss your Computer Upgrades.

To incorporate various application and newest software one needs Computer Upgrades to increase the capacity, speed, efficiency and security aspects of the Computer. This is where our Computer Hardware and Software Upgrade experts come into the picture.

Dolphin Computers Upgrade experts’ help you Upgrade your internal hardware in minimal downtime, simultaneously verifying correct functionality of your Computer. While upgrading your old Computer you should be aware of its model and configuration. Our Computer upgrading professionals thoroughly examine the basic configuration and notify what all needs to be Upgraded, the software or hardware. Our Computer repair and Upgrade professionals’ advice you on the possible choices that you should go with which would be economical and performance oriented. Sometimes software and Hardware Upgrade go hand in hand as on installation of new operating system old hardware is not compatible.

Therefore, it is better to allow a professional hand to decipher what needs to be done, in order to make the best choice. Our Computer repair and Upgrade professionals advice you on the possible choices that you have. When we talk about hardware the motherboard might need an Upgrade. Usually the motherboard of the Computer, which has a vintage of years, should be Upgraded. The Computer Hardware Upgrade might also be necessary when you are installing a new operating system which may not be compatible with your current hardware such as the new Windows 7.

Dolphin Computer Computer Service experts will also help you Upgrade your CPU, central processing unit, which is usually associated with the speed of computing. The capacity of the CPU is denoted by mega hertz (MHz) or gega hertz (GHz). In case your CPU has a lower capacity our Computer Hardware Upgrade experts would ensure adequate capacity Upgrade. While upgrading the CPU, our Computer Servicing experts will also ensure that it matches the socket and the mother board of your Computer. The other hardware component is RAM; it also might need an Upgrade if you feel the need of greater amount of memory or if the Computer is running slow. Our Computer Hardware Service experts can accurately tell you whether the current amount of RAM is adequate or if it needs upgrading.

Our Computer Service experts help you Upgrade your CPU (central processing unit) which is usually associated with the speed of computing. In case your CPU has a lower capacity or you want to increase your RAM space our Computer Hardware Upgrade experts ensure whether they are adequate or you need an Upgrade. Most of the software Upgrades can be handled by our Computer Servicing team onsite or over the phone. Our Computer Software Upgrade experts will help you identify the parameters, that match your Computer's requirement and according suggest you a software update or a hard drive Upgrade. Our Computer Upgrade experts and servicing team manages additional application Upgrades like MS- Word, internet browser etc.

Our Computer Upgrade and Repair experts give you an end to end solution by validating whether it would make financial sense to Upgrade your Computer or buy new one.

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