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Protect your confidential data from external and internal security threats with Dolphin Computers Email Management Services.

Email Management

Our expert team of professionals helps you manage your emails as they are prone to get hacked, hence leads to loss of important information. Emails incorporated in business processes must be classified, stored and destroyed consistently within specified standards. Manage your emails and protect your important data from viruses, malware and data theft which leads to low productivity.

Mail flow solution to manage your emails:


>> Encryption and DRM

>>Attachment limitation

Size limitation

Non business type attachment

Whether they can be sent to all

>> Content filtering


>> Reliable service of IT experts

>> Integrated technology to enhance productivity

>> Ensures email delivery


>> Classify, store facility in the cloud, various timeframes
>> Mail accessibility through cloud surface

Content Control, Auditing & Reporting

>> Audit email traffic, inbound and outbound
>> Flexible filtering framework aligned with company policy
>> Classify emails based on individual, group & department
>> Identify & report risk, security breach and data loss
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