Cloud storage has become a necessity in 2022, especially with most of our content being digital these days. Thankfully, we have a large variety of cloud storage options at this time, some of which are better than others. One thing is certain, you can easily find a solution that fits your needs and requirements. With that being said, you will be quite amazed with the results and benefits, and that’s exactly the thing to take into consideration. Here are some of the top cloud storage solutions you should consider using for keeping your files online.

1. IDrive

IDrive is a great option because it does bridge the gap between cloud storage and backup. You can easily add a folder on your device and then use it as a sync folder. Here you can also sync specific folders that are not designated. Being able to combine the two options is great, and it definitely adds in a lot of value to then service. On top of that, it’s a packed service filled with amazing features and you will be quite amazed with the quality they offer.

The prices are very affordable too, although it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no monthly plan to be had here. Overall, it’s a great service with plenty of value for money, and you will be quite impressed with the attention to detail and true focus on a great customer experience as well as ease of use.

2. pCloud

pCloud is widely revered as a cloud storage option for many reasons. One of the major ones is the fact it comes with encryption levels of varied degrees, which is always a crucial aspect to keep in mind. On top of that, they allow you to choose where your data is stored, in the US or EU. It’s great to see that you can have a clever virtual drive system in place, and it all works flawless. With that in mind, if you want zero knowledge encryption, you must pay for that. They also don’t have document integration either, which can be a problem. It’s still not that expensive, and you will find it very professional.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox has been around for quite some time and it’s known for the ease of use and quality. They do have smart synchronization, as well as collaboration with Google and Office. They also don’t offer zero knowledge encryption and the prices are a bit high. Over the years, people had Dropbox privacy concerns. But if we get past that, you will be quite impressed with the unique range of benefits and the solid service that they bring to the table. It’s definitely one of the top cloud storage services for today.

4. BigMind by Zoolz

BigMind is built with AI in mind and it’s very easy to adapt to your own requirements. It also comes with a vast range of benefits that include things like mobile apps, data transport, searching in real time, compliances, automatic backup and user management. The fact that it can be accessed from anywhere and you receive a very comprehensive user interface is handy, and it shows the value and benefits of this platform.

5. OneDrive

Created by Microsoft, OneDrive is very well integrated with Office and that makes it a vital component for many business users. But it can be used by regular customers as well. It has a very good software that helps you customize and manage your data with ease. While speeds vary, overall it works very well and you will find that it definitely conveys an extraordinary quality and the results as a whole are downright impressive. That’s why you have to at least check it out for yourself.

6. Google Drive

Google has their own cloud storage system and it’s definitely known for bringing in a lot of value and quality. Many enjoy their service because they offer the most free storage space, and even the paid options are inexpensive. The performance is great, and you will be quite amazed with the overall support and quality. It’s not a perfect service, nor does it have to be. But it’s totally worth a try, that’s for sure.

Final Conclusion

Overall, we believe that these are the best cloud storage services that you can use right now. They are very professional, reliable and easy to use, and you also have a vast range of options to take into consideration. It’s a great opportunity to focus on, and in the end you will have no problem moving your data to the cloud. Test it out for yourself and you are bound to be very happy with the outcome!

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